August 17, 2019

Restaurant Hood Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning Services


Restaurant Hood Cleaning in Bakersfield, CA

Restaurant Hood Cleaning performed down to the metal is a requirement by fire and safety codes nationally. Additionally, compliance with this safety requirement will prevent grease fires. Certainly, clean filters will also improve the functionality of the hood. Clean filters and vents in the hood increase ventilation under the hood. Surely, this will reduce the odors and smoke common in restaurant kitchens. Therefore, to ensure peak operation, The NFPA recommends 3-6 months between kitchen hood service. For the best in Restaurant Hood Cleaning in Bakersfield CA, Call Cole’s! 

Fast Turn Around Times With Cole’s

We understand the importance of time, especially in the restaurant industry. As a result, we will make the visit as short as possible. We guarantee our work and strive for the best in customer service. We don’t just clean Restaurant kitchen hoods. Cole’s provides Commercial Cleaning Services to the Bakersfield, CA area. Cole’s Commercial Cleaning Services keeps restaurants and commercial kitchens in compliance with all exhaust system codes. Cole’s Carpet Care provides service to any commercial establishment. We provide complete commercial facility cleaning services including professional carpet and flooring cleaning.

Attention To Detail Is What Makes Us The Best

In conclusion, Cole’s Carpet Care takes every precaution to ensure our work areas are protected. Our staff hangs plastic around the base of the hood and over the cooking appliances. As a result, water, grease and debris extracted during the cleaning process divert into containers. We guarantee your Commercial space to be as clean, if not cleaner, as when we arrived. We clean and rinse the rooftop directly surrounding the fan to ensure the complete removal of grease. After every service, Cole’s performs a complete clean up of the floors and walls around your kitchen. We use a powerful chemical to de-grease exhaust hoods, filters, ducts and fans. This chemical is safe on all hood systems materials.


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