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Usually when people think of carpet cleaning they think of getting stains or pet odor out of the carpet. A large number of people regard carpet cleaning as something that becomes necessary once every few years. On the contrary, regular, professional carpet cleaning is a necessary service. It helps to eliminate the buildup of dust, dust mites, bacteria and allergens in the fabric. These microscopic particles and organisms can saturate the carpet and upholstery in your home or business over time and then start dispersing into the air that you are breathing. This can create an unhealthy and hazardous level of air quality in your home or place of business which is not favorable if you value the respiratory health of your own body and those of your family and/or employees.

The most experienced and best value in carpet cleaning in the Tehachapi area. Here at Cole’s Carpet Care we pride ourselves in being the most reliable and efficient carpet cleaning service in the Tehachapi, CA area. We have been happily serving customers in the Tehachapi, CA since 1999. Over 17 years of carpet and residential/commercial cleaning experience puts well above the competition.

Cole’s Carpet Care is proud to offer excellent tile and grout cleaning services. All you need to do to keep your home/office sparkling clean is just a phone call away.

In the event of a water leak or other flooding, Cole’s Carpet Care is there to help you with our flood damage service. Don’t let a broken pipe or leaking roof ruin your day; Cole’s Carpet Care are always happy to help get the mess cleaned up and get everything back to the way it was with our flood restoration services.

We understand that your home is your castle. We keep that in mind from the time our staff enters your home until we are finished with the job. No matters how big or small of a job, we here at Cole’s Carpet & Tile Care are always eager to assist you.

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