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Receive the Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning You’ve Ever Seen in Bakersfield… or It’s Free!

Cole’s carpet cleaning services are EXTENSIVE!

Carpet Cleaning Service Tehachapi CAGet One Room Thoroughly Cleaned FREE!


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From pre-spotting to hot water extraction at targeted temperatures, we do what it takes to get your carpet looking, feeling, and smelling brand new! Our process is so thorough we never miss a thing and our clients will attest to it:

“I use Cole’s Carpet Cleaning exclusively for one reason: they are perfect every time!”
Jane L. – Bakersfield, CA

Our Carpet Cleaning Process:

Carpet Cleaning Service Shafter CAStep 1: Pre-condition fibers to break down oils and dirt in traffic lanes.

Step 2: Spot clean to remove stubborn stains like gum, wax, juice drinks, ink, food stains, dirt/soil, and mystery spots.

Step 3: We then use a power head that gently agitates your carpet while removing up to five times more soil than a standard wand!

Step 4: Your carpet is then fully rinsed with my $23000, top-of-the-line, truck-mounted system, using our purified soft water system at over 230 degrees!

Step 5: Turbo dryers are then set up to dry carpets even faster.

Our Carpet Cleaning Products:

Carpet Cleaning Wasco CA– The safest, most environmentally-friendly cleaners

– No soap, no solvents, no problems.

– Baby and pet safe products that work!

– No residues left behind to attract future dust & dirt

– Your carpet stays clean like when it was new!

Our Carpet Cleaning Equipment:

– We use only the best equipment (see our 360 Rotovac in action below). Our soft brush powerhead gently agitates your carpet while injecting and thoroughly rinsing, extracting all dirt & residues out to our powerful truck mounted cleaning machine. Your carpet will be thoroughly clean like when new and dry extremely fast.

Get One Room Thoroughly Cleaned FREE!

Call: (661) 204-0338 for details!

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